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Hexamethyldisilazane also known as HMDS, The molecular formula of Hexamethyldisilazane which is also famous as HMDS is [(CH3)3Si]2NH basically is an Organic Compund. HMDS molecules are cognate of ammonia which comes with trimethylsilyl groups in place of two hydrogen atoms.

Best Supplier of Hexamethyldisilazane in Industry

Efkam Organics is the largest manufacturer and supplier of Hexamethyldisilazane and has been providing best quality for many years. Our expert team ensures manufacturing of a superior end product. HMDS is used in various industries as a reagent in condensation reactions and to convert alcohols into trimethylsilyl ethers.

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Hexamethyldisilazane distributor in India

We understand the requirements of our esteemed customers and provide the products at a rate which is suitable for their pockets without doing any compromise with the quality of the chemicals. This makes us one of the largest distributors of Hexamethyldisilazane. If you are looking for a distributor who provides a quality product at an affordable price then Efkam Organics is the best choice for you.

Uses of Hexamethyldisilazane

  • It is used as a reagent in condensation reactions of heterocyclic compounds such as in the microwave synthesis.

  • It is used to convert alcohols into trimethylsilyl ethers.

  • It is used to silylate laboratory glassware.

  • It is mostly used in photolithography as an adhesion promoter for photoresist.

  • In pyrolysis-gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, HMDS is used to enhance detectability of compounds with polar functional groups.

  • HMDS is used for specimen preparation for scanning electron microscopy.

Specifications of Hexamethyldisilazane

HMDS(Hexa Methyl Disilazane)

Organosilicon compound, colourless liquid and a precursor to bases


Reagent grade



Refractive Index

n20/D 1.407(lit.)

Boiling Range

123 oC to 127 oC


Insoluble in water & miscible in Acetone

Specific gravity

NMT 0.78 (at 25 °C)

Remarks:-The above Product COMPLIES as per IN-HOUSE specification.