Methyl-3 Aminocrotonate

Methyl 3-Aminocrotonate Manufacturer

A yellow-colored white-colored is really crystalline substance of Methyl 3-Aminocrotonate. Our Methyl 3-Amino Crotonate can be used as intermediate for that synthesis of pharmaceutical drugs. We are able to also find using Methyl 3-Aminocrotonate within the output of stabilizers and plastics. We have established ourselves on the market because the most famous manufacturer and supplier of Methyl 3-Aminocrotonate. Our well examined and researched selection of Methyl 3-Aminocrotonate is on the huge demand in several laboratories along with other industries. The chemical property of Methyl3- Aminocrotonate is yellowish-white and it is insoluble in water. The Second name of Methyl3 Aminocrotonate is Methyl ß-aminobutenate and the CBNumber is CB2222855.

Methyl-3 Aminocrotonate

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Methyl3 Aminocrotonate Specifications:

Its principal use is in mining, tannery and fertilizer. It is used in Galvanizing, Tinning, Medicine, Candle making. It is also required for making adhesive and producing dry and storage batteries and other Ammonium Salt. It acts as a kind of superb nitrogenous fertilizer, especially used in such crops as rice, cotton, wheat, crude fiber crop, vegetables, etc.

Specification of Ammonium Chloride

  • Molecular Formula: C5H9NO2
  • Molecular Weight: 115.13046 g/mol